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09-15-2010, 04:32 AM
Originally Posted by maximus92 View Post
Great guide, thank you for you efforts. Wondering, and this is just purely aesthetic, could you update your pictures of the Cardassian Guls? Cryptic fixed the error of calling them Captains, and both Guls have a name.

With hours of time spent farming the DXP I have, I can confirm that the following missions do give DXP
  • Aid the Planet
  • Non-Combat Ship Investigations
  • Non-Combat Planet Investigations
  • Any mission where you restore something on the planet, ie. life support, or clear out radiation, running around switching this or that on.
The minute one of your officers warn you of ships in the area, or species beaming down, diplomacy ends, may as well warp out of there. Also, it seems the rule of thumb is, not including the initial scan, if you scan 4 or less objects DXP is awarded, scan 5 no DXP.
Generally I think you're right on the explore missions, however it keeps changing, and until they settle on one way or another I'm not going to put an firm rule for them into the guide.

I'll update the Guls when I can.