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09-15-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by RedShirtJohnson
2. *this one goes back to the banking issue* the exchange needs a little clean up. as of right now I'm seeing huge amounts of even the lowest level common items on the exchange at mind blowing prices. I'd say lets fix this and make the economy a better place for us all. if you sell something on the exchange the system should take a 2% fee from the sale. and only be able to post items on the exchange for a matter of fourteen days. two weeks a fair enough about of time. if your item dose not sell in that time, it goes back into your inventory or if you have no room there or in your bank, then it will be mailed to you. and as for items you buy off the exchange should come to you in the form of a mail attachment.
I'm with you on this, but I think you are being too generous. I was just on and noticed that a 6,000 ec item was on the exchange for 25 million. I might suggest scaled posting. For example have the choice to place on the exchange for one, three, or five days, one or two weeks, with scaled costs at 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10%, and 25% respectively. If it takes 2 weeks to sell, then it's not wanted. I agree with it being mailed back. Sometimes I forget what I've posted for and a notice saying, "[X] item did not sell for [Y] ec" would be nice. Also an option to sell for more than just ec, latinum would be obvious, not sure about merit though.
Since we are on the subject, also scaling the amount of things we can post would be nice. Start at 10 items to start and go up 5 every rank, possibly 10 (I think that might be a bit much, but I'm sure there are those out there that would want to be able to post 60 items at VA.)
Filter options would be great as well. I would like to be able to narrow down certain items, at least for specials, like [Reg] or [Turn] buttons for Uncommon and above. Perhaps a double click, for example: the button would be gray or black normally, but you click on it, it turns blue, and it includes all instances where that occurs. Click again and it turns red and pulls up only those items with that specific item occurs. So that way I can chose to pull up, say all Engines with [Turn] and [Spd]. That way I get all Engines with Turn and, if there are any, those with Speed as well. I hope I'm being clear. That way we don't have to make a complete search engine in game as well, it will just function on certain parameters.
When selling an item, it would be nice, when you start to post it, to show what the price history has been. I don't mind the hunting around, but for others it probably would be convenient. Plus if you institute the above suggestion about charging, it would serve as a guide for the less than familiar. That way you can help reduce the complainers that didn't know that posting it for a million credits would cost them so much and they didn't sell it. I say reduce and not eliminate, as they will still complain, you just get to hit them over the head with, "Didn't you read the price history?"
I've read a few posts about being able to access the exchange from your ship. If that is done, I might suggest as a reward for achieving a certain rank, Commander or Captain, for example. Also I might suggest that you still have to go pick it up at an established base. That way we eliminate the possible cheats that could occur. Like buying a Phaser resistant shield when you are in the midst of a fight against an opponent with phasers.

And for the math people the scale is intended to make 3 days the optimal cost ratio and to dissuade 1 and 2 week posts.

Finally, thank you all on the support staff. I'm not a code monkey myself, but I have several friends who are and I know some of what you go through and I appreciate all that you have done. I am patient, to a point, and I know that you can't fix everything at once. Thank you for what you have, good luck on what you haven't, and just remember to look upon complaints as a gift. Many would just cancel their account and leave rather than say anything. And remember to look at things inversely as well. For each person who does not complain and continues to play, is an unsaid "Thank you. Good Job."