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09-15-2010, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by LagunaD
I don't think your Science captain should heal on the ground. You are too valuable doing Exploit attacks against targets of opportunity. Unless you are doing Elite difficulty, a properly trained Bridge Officer is plenty of healing.

A good, conservative set up is:

Science captain: Use the Bioresearch kit with Tachyon Harmonic, Hyperonic Radiation, and Stasis Field. Equip yourself with two split beam rifles (AoE Exploit attack). You don't need to put skill points in the related areas, since you are going for Exposes and skills don't buff Expose chance.

Bridge officers:

Healing Science Officer: Medical Tricorder 1 and 3 (train them in Medical Tricorder 3 if you are high enough level), Vascular Regenerator and Nanite Health Monitor (available from power trainer).

Support Science Officer: 4 AoE Expose attacks, eg Tricorder Scan, Gravimetric Shift, Tachyon Harmonic, Hyperonic Radiation.

Note: Avoid the Neural Neutralizer skill on Science BOffs at all costs - they will charge to get in range when they want to use it, and are likely to get killed.

2xTactical Officers: The key abilities for these are Target Optics (highest rank you can get), Overwatch, Focus Fire and Draw Fire.

Give all your away team Full Auto Assault weapons (short c/d AoE Expose attack). If possible, give them armor and shields with shield or health regen. Once you are comfortable, you can maybe give the Tacticals damage-enhancing armor, but it doesn't make that much difference. You, as the Exploit attacker, will be doing the bulk of the damage.

Plant your team using a waypoint, and do the pull yourself using Exposes like Tricorder Scan, Hyperonic, etc. Once stuff gets in range, use the "Fire on My Target" command (default hot-key: Y) against the most dangerous enemy mob. Spam all your Expose abilities whenever they are up, then start hitting the "Next Exposed Target" command (default hot-key: G). Blow it up with an Exploit attack, swap to your other weapon, and repeat. Keep the away team always focused on whatever the most dangerous target still alive is. You will pick off anything that becomes Exposed. With this set-up, there are so many Exposes that you will be waiting for the c/d on both your Split Beams a fair amount of the time...

In my experience, your healing bridge officer will do just fine keeping everyone alive, unless you are running on Elite difficulty or encounter the bugged mobs that one-shot your whole team on Advanced. You should need to use hypos only very rarely, essentially never on normal difficulty.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has worked wonders so far.