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09-15-2010, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Miss_Twilight
Rogue elements in Starfleet hundreds of years in the future send advanced starships back in time to upset the timeline for nefarious purposes.

If you purchase the Enterprise j through the c-store you get an awesome ship but at a price: other advanced ships will materialize periodically to try to take you down and restore temporal balance - kind of like the Nemesis system in Champions.

See? There you have a plausible explanation and an associated game mechanic. It's amazing what you can do in sci fi.
And you just thought that what they were doing now was complain.... In Champions, players pitched a storm because their Nemsis' minions would interrupt/gank the hero in a mission (a villain attacking the hero when he's most distracted/vulnerable *gasp*).

I read Jim Butcher.. Like a rabid fanboi I bought and read the Dresdenverse RPG books when they came out. In the books, there beings that are so powerful that they aren't stated. They have 'plot device' level of power. They show up, you run or stay as best you can out of their way.

The Enterprise-J is no different. It has a size and scale and power that falls, squarely, with both feet, into 'plot device' levels of awesome (or power take your pick).
If it EVER.... EVER... graces the scene in STO, it will not be captained by a PC captain.
At best, the ship will be a location. A mission arc or STF will happen on it or around it.
Take the new poll... as an example... the leader is a Federation Splinter group.
The J comes back and has to be fought.. BY A FLEET.
you aint buyin it in the c-store....

just sayin....