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09-15-2010, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by Miss_Twilight
Cryptic could certainly off the Enterprise J in the C store. It doesn't have to be just for fleets either (I personally don't like the idea of fleet-only ships anyway - what do you have to do, share them with the rest of your fleet and only use the two days out of the year?)

The point of my post is that you could pull it off the J with a little creativity. I'd rather pay for something interesting than a simple sparklepony anyway.

Also, I play Champions too and if you're going down because of Nemesis minion ganking then you need to re-examine your power setup. I've been Nemesis ganked many times and it's rare that the minions even make it five steps before dropping.
You really should slow down and re-read what I posted.

I never stated it was for a fleet purchase. not sure where you got that from. I stated that the J would be scenery. It would be the focus of a fleet action or STF or mission arc.

Interesting that you denigrate cstore items as 'sparklepony' when the player community, largely, only wants cosmetic items in the c-store. I get that there are some players that want a little meat with their potatoes but anyways... that argument happens on other threads.

Just for the record, I've never faceplanted from a minion gank. My original statement involved the outcry from other players around the subject of minion ganking in the Nemesis arcs. Its relevant because there will be a similar outcry when time agents warp in while the player is in the middle of something.
If you would like a another example, take the complaints from players concerning getting sucked into DSEs when traveling in Sector Space.