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09-15-2010, 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by stararmy View Post
I definitely C-store items should be able returnable for store credit. I share your disgust on the Intrepid bridges and I feel similar about the Imperial class. I've also somehow bought an item twice and tried to get a refund for the extra purchase and was denied. I feel that denying exchanges for virtual items is a shady business practice.
Originally Posted by stararmy View Post
They don't put stuff like "This bridge has holes in the floor geometry and the textures are all messed up" in the C-store descriptions.
Oh, I understand that (and I also agree with you about the Intrepid bridges), but the OP is wanting a refund because he didn't read that the Mercenary Gear is for Federation characters, not Klingon ones.

Also, the fact that they denied you a refund for the item you somehow bought twice leads me to believe (more than before) that they won't refund his points, either. I agree that it is a shady business practice, but it just strikes me as to how Cryptic operates their C-Store.