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# 1990 Cut scene spacedock
09-16-2010, 01:32 AM
Short term- there should be more content when getting a new ship. In all the series the captain went by shuttle craft to space dock to join his new ship. A shuttle bay should be added to Earth Space Dock and when you enter it goes to a cut scene showing your new ship waiting for you. Nothing fancy just a flyby would do.

There should be ground missions where you would have to pilot a shuttle craft to get to the planet surface, Some planets in the series were not accessible by transport. Have the ability to dodge gas clouds or phaser fire.

Rescue away teams that are apart of your crew.

Mid term- Have more than one mission to a planet during the course of a career. Why is it when you are finished with the missions in Sirius sector as a LT. that is all you get.

Have a mission that brings you to those planets that currently have none, i.s. Risa, Bajor, Vulcan (beyond the diplomacy).

Long term- Romulan playable faction- introduce it as the Klingon was supposed to be when the game was rolled out

Season 3? - Time travel to the 20th or 21st century?