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09-16-2010, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by Darkjedi View Post
Or even better, get rid of the off-duty slot altogether and make everyone wear their uniforms again! You're in a military, soldier! We're at war... act like it! Polish those boots! Fighting Breen in an evening gown... sheesh. What has Starfleet become? *grumble*

Oh, and get off my lawn! :p
While I agree that fighting Breen in an evening gown is silly it's allowed in the game. All I want is something less silly. The upper part of an evening gown with a communicator and uniform parts could be a nice 25th century mirror universe uniform (yeah, I know those shouldn' be around either), and my main point is that the mercenary wear would be perfect with uniforms. My tactical officers can make photon grenades out of thin air, and I have the choice. Making my stun grenades out of thin air or being out of uniform during combat. It would be perfect to use the bandolier and belts with pouches on a standard uniform.