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09-16-2010, 11:27 AM
Thanks for your post on the KT PvP league thread.
After reading your OP I don't think it would be possible to merge the two leagues into a single multi league structure that we have in place given the two very different rule sets that we have and the closing date for entries being next week.
However I'm more then happy to give some feedback on your ideas...

You have these leagues

* Gound 1v1 PvP
Cool, but you'll find tactical captains will win almost everytime due to the DPS they can put out compared to the Engineer and Science captains.

* Space 1v1 PvP
That's going to be a little unbalanced IMO. seeing as cruisers will be able to tank almost any other ship 1v1.

Originally Posted by NemoSD
* Group Ground PvP
* Space Group PvP
* Fleet Ground PvP
* Fleet Space PvP
How many players in each of these leagues are you planning to have?

Originally Posted by NemoSD
...Birds of Preys are balanced around be able to cloak, they are allowed to cloak after first engagement has been made, but can remain cloaked no longer then 30 seconds. This rule does not exist when the other side can not cloak...
You might want to look into changing this rule. As you have stated the BoP uses cloak for balanced game play. Having a time limit set on how long a ship can cloak for seems to unbalance the game play and is going to make this harder for your Ref's IMO.

Originally Posted by NemoSD
Flag system,
You've clearly thought out what is to be used when it comes to using flags, but to me it seems confusing, unnecessary and overly complex. In a PvP match the only thing I want to be focusing on is killing the other guy, not following what the Ref has said and working out what it means.