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09-16-2010, 03:27 PM
I'm actually kinda hoping to get some people in who normally play fed side..

if we can get them on, and help them, and they enjoy themselves, they're more likely to want to play that alt more.. a nice social chatty fleet running events, a whole channel dedicated to answering questions and queries etc.. trying to bring up the population of Qo'nos and help it stay up.

strength in numbers and all that

I also doubt the newly announced ships will be in the KDF Lt ranges too, so if we can get people interested and leveling KDF alts (or mains) they're more likely to be able to grab these new ships as they arrive..

of course, once they're playing KDF, they're free to shoot the federation as much as they want *obviously where the game allows it* and in fact yes, thats quite encouraged :p