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Originally Posted by Tophyrius
I had a couple of questions about BO's...
While there are certainly those interested in the role-playing aspect of having a Vulcan Science Officer, or what have you, in my experience the two things that make BOs more expensive are Abilities and Traits. The higher the rarity of the BO, the more/better Abilities and Traits they tend to have, so Very Rare and Rare BOs tend to be more expensive than Uncommon and Common BOs.

Some Abilities are only available from in-game BOs. Highly sought after examples include Beam Target Shields Subsystems III, Viral Matrix III, and Auxiliary to Structural III. For more check out the blue powers listed here:
I understand Escort pilots are quite fond of BTSS3.

Traits that I have noticed are desirable for your Away Team are Empathic (found on Betazoids, grants a healing bonus to every member of the Team), Telepathy (Trills/Vulcans, increases Expose chance/duration), Teamwork (Bolians/Humans, improves Team Exploit damage), Lucky (Many races, increased critical chance), etc. A common BO might have a Basic version of one of these granting a +2.5% buff, Uncommons give 5%, a rare BO might have a Superior version granting 7.5% buff. A very rare BO could have two Superior traits!

The biggest exception that I know to that rarity thing are Uncommon Saurians that have the Efficient Space Trait. And while the Amazon Borg BO, now available for purchase in the C-Store, is also Efficient, the "green" Saurian is the only in-game available BO that can be found with Efficiency, which is very popular. I could be wrong, but I think they're the most expensive BO on the Exchange. An Efficient BO assigned to your ship grants you +5 to all four Efficiency skills, which, among other things, increases your ships power levels (a little bit). For details on Efficiency, check out the Power Calculator thread in my signature. I happen to have the Amazon Borg and two Efficient Saurians, giving me +15 to my Efficiency Skills (alas, my Captain is not also Efficient, else I could have +25, lol).

All this being said, if there is a choice between a male/female version of a BO with the same stats, usually the female will cost more for reasons which should be obvious. :p

As to the in-game Borg Bridge Officer, yes there is one. I do not have this, so I don't know some of the details except to say you have to get the Liberated Accolade by getting killed in a special way during the Khitomer Accord STF Raid Mission. I also know he is a Science Officer and does not have Efficient trait.