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09-17-2010, 12:49 AM
Will you look at that...

One has to wonder how they will encourage Major Tribble testing now? I mean, this was somthing that was actually getting people to test on tribble... Now alot of thoose will just wait till thoose benefits appear on the C-Store (And I can even understand that, oddly enough).
I'll keep testing on tribble, as im too Cheap to spend money on C-Points, but not all will...

Too bad.

No offence to anyone, but it seems to me that there are way too many people out there with way too much cash.

I see the benefits of the C-Store... I really do, but would'n it be more beneficial to Cryptic to add things for Say... "Emblems of Purchase", and let people earn thoose through special missions. THoose would then be transferrable into C-Store points and let people buy stuff there.

That way people would (i think at least) maintain their supscriptions, and Cryptic would recive a steady cash flow, instead of tempoary short lasting boosts?!

It is not Cryptics fault however... as a "unnamed" Forum appearence with yellow texts said (roughly... i dont remember the exact words) in a "the exchange is overpriced" thread: As long as people buy overpriced items off the exchange, the ones who charges the overprice will keep posting at overprice.
The same goes for the C-Store.