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09-17-2010, 12:14 AM
Sup Nemo! :-)

Looks interesting; a little complex and there's a lot going on with the different types of PvP, perhaps. But then I guess there are a lot of tastes to cater though. Hope that any potential clash with the KT league is also smoothed over. Otherwise we could be interested in this and run in both leagues, perhaps. Certainly as a solo player I'm interested.

But on the note of 1v1s, I have to agree with what others have said. I've recently been running a little internal 1v1 tournament in our fleet, and we've definitely confirmed that a healer-oriented cruiser with a decent captain is literally unkillable by anything 1v1 (only chance if is the cruiser player goes AFK, lags, DCs, or otherwise just loses the will to live and stops playing).

Until such time as new game balance changes come along, right now Cruisers will utterly dominate any 1v1 combat so much that it's not even funny for anyone in a Sci Ship or Escort.

And any Cruiser vs. Cruiser fight will just be a yawnfest that lasts for over an hour with no kills, and both opponents still sitting at full hull and shields by the end.

Cruiser > All, 1v1. 1v1 league is a good idea in principle, but bad given the current state of balance (or lack thereof) in the game.

Just my thoughts though!