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09-17-2010, 01:23 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Enterprise_J
The only ship that has battle cloak is the Bird of prey.
and carriers don't get a cloak.
As someone on both sides I would not like a battle cloak to be a device you can just slap on any ship.
the Klingons pay a heavy price to have a battle cloak and ships that cloak. that would be unbalancing to the Klingons . They have weaker hulls and shields to have those cloaks
Yes I know, But it may be a fun idea to play around with. Obviously it isn't a battle cloak, but it can be used in combat like a battle cloak. The klingons could use it too so I'm not sure it would seriously affect game balance. And it isn't a cloak you can just slap on, it's a single use device with a limited duration like a battery plus i have said it would have to be less effective for it to play fair. Like loose the decloak bonuses.

I used to play a klingon aswell and I think one of these on a carrier would be an interesting thing to mess with.