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09-17-2010, 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainNER0 View Post
i am pretty sure that higher auxilary increases the damage of ships in photonic fleet.
It gives me no noticeable effect.

Originally Posted by Enignite View Post
I think someone tested that and didn't notice any changes in hull/dmg between ~50 and 125 Aux.

Also, doesn't Aux increase tractor beam strength? Thought I remember it changing back when we could see tooltip (+ some ppl say it does)
Yeah the tooltip doesn't display that anymore. But the thing is when it did, the change was pretty much irrelevant. All it actually changed was the turn rate reduction as I recall, and it was something like -5000% or some ridiculously high number. Yeah that got better with aux, but they weren't turning no matter what your aux setting was. The end result was always the same.

Originally Posted by Dalnar
The numbers change little with aux, thats true. However the effect from the difference is very noticable. Just try it in SB24 fleetaction, to MES around on both low, medium and high aux and check the distances. Every bit of stealth counts.
NPCs are very hard to get good test results from. They have an odd aggro mechanism that makes figuring out when they actually detected you very difficult. They also aren't something people really care much about cloaking range for.

And in the end, with cloaking, you are doing one of two things, either trying to hide, in which case getting as close to the enemy as possible is not something you should be worried about, or you are trying to set up an ambush, in which case sacrificing weapons power is a terrible idea. You just can't do anything while cloaked.