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09-17-2010, 05:36 PM
Hey guys.

I've just discovered this dabo thing too and the time it takes is a grinidinggggggggly boring 45 minutes of my life and play time to get 40,000. Cos lets say I don't see why anyone would want to fly a freighter. people can't really be duped when they know what ships are available for fed at all tiers.

I don't see 15 mins worth a lot of grinding and seeing as getting most useful things takes 30 mins explorer/PvP missions for badges or couple days dailies for something that lasts forever. 15mins is rubbishhhh.

I hope my point is clear whether you agree or not I won't be coming back to check.

But I'm here to make a suggestion. make holo emitters last forever and make other races ships like romulan and such etc. because we have clans waiting for new factions which I don't believe cryptic will deliver but players could use such emitters to fly ships that look the way they want.
So it's a possible solution to some issues that would make ppl very happy and bring more variety to the game not to mention use to models that we miss as we rank up.

Hope this Idea gets some attention but as I stated I'm not interested in hearing peoples gripes with it or my opinion.
bye lads.