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09-17-2010, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by Landerhow View Post
You could decided that you didn't play that one hour on Holodeck but o Triblle. It's just like for example Korzeniowski or any other Olympic Champion could said: "Guys I missed the last Olympic Games, but I want the gold medal. Can you sell me one?"
you serious?you know its a game right?games are supposed to be fun...right?so i will have lots of fun peting a borg or a fluidic tribble.

i really dont think that the analogy metal=special tribble? come on!gold metals are for super humans...aka olympic athletes.tribbles are ... pets...pets in a pc mmo game.ok i'll stop there.

why so negative?i work hard for my money.i expect to get nice things with my money,exept for food and survival stuff.c-store gives me nice things.cryptic happy<=>me happy!

other people can have fun and play whenever they want.i used to be like that up to the point that i got my master and started working my "impluse drive" of!(that was supposed to make you laugh).plus i grew up and people expect its a lot more difficult hanging out with lives in that town the other on that suburb...the other on that province...weekends are all i have!

dont be that negative.please!all i want is a little thing that makes funny sounds.i dont care about the effects.doesnt matter when in a ground mission.i know i will pwn the enemy whatever it is.i just want it for the fluff of it!

hey ive got a better reason for you ... me and my girl that we were about to be engaged broke up a few weeks ago(her fault...too immature...guess its better now than getting a divorse later).having those funny tribbles will make me feel that good enough?

come on that surely sounded miserable enough!and yes its true and its hurts like hell!just 2 itchy beatchy tiny tribbles!is that such a big deal?if it is and ok!but if its not then dont be like that!

(im not from the US or england or anywhere that native launghage is english so dont make fun of my spelling):p