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09-17-2010, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Thanos_Orange
well from what i know business exist to make money right?cryptic is a business after all.they give me i pay.

yeah maybe i didnt get in the tribble weekends...

This time around

maybe i was too tired working all week...

Somewhat understandable... I however use games like this to relax and loosen up. That's the reason why I come here in the first plance

yeah i know that you probably have a job too,maybe a better one,maybe a worse one.

I do... Probably a worse one, but I don't want to bother you with that

it doesnt matter to me whether its special or not.i just want it.just for the fluff of having it.

That is kind of the point with it, isn't it xD

so...i guess theres not much to tell.i just want all of them.its that simple.

A collector are we?

oh and maybe maybe i tried to get in but my internet provider is irresponsible and on weekends its hell getting a connection...but that doesnt matter too.

Wich is exactly why I am hoping there will be another in-game oppertunity to get it. I almost didn make it myself for the fluidic tribble... I oly got here, because a element of my schedule dropped.

all that matters is that im willing to pay for it and that means more money to cryptic,that means more money for the devs(hopefully),that means better game in the end=happy players and happy devs and happy corporate suits!everybody will be happy!

But you should'n have to pay for it. All you should do, is the same as I did: Have an oppertunity to get in and test.Who knows, they could make a "special tribble tester" accolade, giving you the tribble after X amount of tribble testing time, or submitting x amout of bugreports (the latter could even apply to holodeck.

and what about all those people who payed more money for some edition of the game and then saw their special benefits in the c-store?arent they people too?why are the tribble testers so special?ok i know that,yes i tribble means less fan for the standard server.i know. i just want them.its that simple!

Ummm... I am one of the people you're talking about... I've seen some of my "benefits" in the C-Store. I did'n support that solution then, and I don't support it now.

....hmmm im starting to get out of acting like a 5yo...but i still want them!its gonna make my STO experiece more fun!

It did?!? You did?!? Do the same as I do: Try to read every post with the most positive agenda you can. I did'n even think of things they way you discribe them here, untill i read this paragraph.

that simple.dont wanna hurt anybody.i just want a borg and a fluidic that a wrong thing?

I't won't hurt anyone, except for you. I really can't see why your money should go into this.

From my point of view, putting the Tribbles in the C-Store, dosen't benefit anyone.

There are so many solutions that would, without requiring players to directly pay extra.

Making accolades, that requires x-amount of bugreports to be submitted, or spending say... 10 hours on tribble (as opposed to the weekend 1 / 2 hours) or somthing completely diffrent, would still channel money into cryptic, while giving players such as you your reward, but would'n force you to use your hard earned cash.

I hope you see that I don't want to prevent you to get your hands on the tribble. I just want it to happen some other way, that wouldn nessacarily deminish the efford some people put into getting special items, like this does.

I see the value of the C-Store, but i'm starting to think that Cryptic is telling people "If you don't want to make an effort, lets just hope you have cash... just sit on your A**, and wait for the C-Store."

I dont think that is the right signal to send.