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09-18-2010, 01:42 PM
OK, done it - but not after having asked others in Zone chat.

Reason? Three problems...

I've never ever ever used that 'move that guy to there' button and didn't know it existed.

The instructions are unclear. The text states 'three people' and 'south, east, south-east' and 'forming an arrow' so I tried to get the BOs to all face the same way or make a triangle. There was nothing to say 'put all your BOs on ALL the pads AND you in the center'

Activating the pads was then a pain because the UI says "Activate pad" for all 8/9 of them (depending on which direction you're facing in). This could have been improved by called them Pad 1, Pad 2 etc..

That bit wasn't fun for me (after last week's great episode). Carrying on with the episode now... thanks for the help Akaar1!