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09-18-2010, 04:08 PM
My thoughts on the game, is that I have 4 federation characters, one Klingon...and I am bored of STO.

I am very glad for all the effort the STO developers have put into the game, and I am really stoked about these new weekly missions they are putting out. However, even with the weekly episodes I"m really bored. I look forward to all the new updates coming down the pipe line, but for now is still seems very much like an arcade game, shoot everything in site.

What I would really like to see is the following:

Short-term Goals:
Ability to aim in combat - as well as to magnify with weapons. Certain shoots on various areas would create different results for the other player. For example, a head shot would take out health quickly, or maybe even have the player loss sight of the screen for 1 second. Shooting a limb might make running more difficult. Those sort of things.

Ability to dialogue - Simply having 3-4 choices on what to say, which can alter the scenario, rather then the current say the one chosen statement,...or leave, having to then postpone the statement to a latter date.

Bring on another Faction - Yes I agree that the Klingon faction lacks content compared the the Federation. Yes, I would like to seem more content. But, I have heard rumours that it will take up toward a year and half to get the Klingon side up to standard with the federation. Even looking at where we are, over half a year later since launch.
Personally, I would suggest brining on other factions so that they simply exist as a PvP faction. Yes, each faction would be lame, federation excluded...but at least each faction could be played, and those who are hard-core fans of a certain race could take the time to upgrade to in pvp to admiral ranking, while the rest of us play occasionally. I guess the point is, there are several people I have talked to who want a certain race to have their character in for RP (Role Play) purposes, and have either not gotten an STO subscription because of this, or will be quitting until one comes out.

Further, I would suggest that each race being brought into existence only start with two uniform option to keep design developers schedules free to keep the factions coming. One classic as seen in the Star Trek Series, and one new uniform for 2409. As for ships, same thing. One classic science, cruiser or escort which gets bigger and stronger every rank up. As time goes on, more ships and costumes can be added, but that would get most fans through.

The list is endless, but here is a quick list...

Full ship interior - customizable interior following federation generic standards, totally customizable captain quarters. All control panels and stations are able to be activated when your player stands in front of them. Ship has shuttle bay, that caries shuttle craft that can be flown from ship.

Shuttles - hailing option. You are first able to leave your ship in a system or sector of space, fly away and come back to the ship where you left it. You can also hail your ship, and ask them to come to you.

More ships, races, weapons, clothes, etc, etc for each faction.

DIALOGUE - make this into a choose your own adventure game, in which the way you play has an affect on abilities, relationships, skills on the game.