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The only phrase I could think of after the 4th failure was "ill-advised"

As in, whoever designed this mission was very ill-advised.

Where is the challenge in a mission where you have to talk to Breen prisoners, and FAIL the entire mission for the slightest screwup, and have to start over with the SAME medical technobabble each time?

There is no challenge; it's an exercise in facepalming stupidity, as you have to essentially GUESS whether "Why did you do this?" is as offensive as "Your nation is strong, so why attack civilians?" because BOTH answers get you failure.

Where is the challenge here? Memorizing which coordinated responses don't cause instant death failure?

The only challenge to me is the test of not attempting to find a way to burn the Breen prisoners alive using quantum multi-spectral interferometric gravitonic chroniton flux osmosis capacitation technobabble.