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09-18-2010, 05:50 PM
Here are a few things I'd like to see in the future (grouped into the categories of short-term, mid-term, and long-term):


More Melee Weapons and Abilities:
We need more diversity in this particular area of the game. I'd suggest adding at least two additional weapons for each faction. Feds would gain the folding Katana from the latest movie and a simple survival knife, while the Klingons would gain a Mek'leth and a D'k'tagh. All weapons should also have more options in the melee combat aspect--melee weapons, in particular, should have at least three or four basic attacks, an Expose Attack, and an Exploit Attack capable of one-shotting any exposed enemy. THE SOONER THIS GETS IMPLEMENTED, THE BETTER!!!!!

T2, T3, and T4 Klingon Carriers: Carriers should not be an endgame ship for the Klingons. They need to be available at lower tiers. T2s could be called Light Carriers, T3s would be Medium Carriers, T4s would be Heavy Carriers, and the existing T5 (Vo'quv) Carriers would be called Super Carriers. Light Carriers would have a single limited hangar slot, capable of housing Toq'Duj fighters, and 5 weapon slots (3 fore, 2 aft). Medium Carriers would have a single hangar slot, but be able to hold larger ships than a Light Carrier (such as a Bird of Prey). They'd also have 3 fore and 3 aft weapon slots. Heavy Carriers would have two hangar slots, each capable of holding the same stuff as a Medium Carrier's Hangar, and they'd have 4 fore and 3 aft weapon slots. The Vo'quv Super Carrier will need to be overhauled from its current stats, getting four hangar slots capable of holding anything that can fit in them, as well as four fore and four aft weapon slots. This should be implemented pretty soon, but isn't as important as the melee combat issue.


New Klingon Ship Skins:
T2-T4 Klingon Ships need more customization options. Even if it's just one additional configuration, the ability to alter the external appearance of Klingon Ships is a must. However, the devs can take their time on this.


New Player Factions:
getting at least one more player faction would be a big boon for the game. This would allow people a completely different playstyle if they wanted it. Any new faction should be able to play to its canon strengths--for example, the Romulans would be heavily stealth-oriented, with each of their ships having fewer weapons than their Fed or Klingon counterparts, but with much more powerful Cloaking Devices than the Klingons.

And that's my list of requests.

So, what do you all think?