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09-18-2010, 10:01 PM
I wanna see more ship interiors and functionality!

* Choosing what type of room each is, ie the Bridge Selection ; Galaxy, Defiant, Intrepid Class engineering, rec deck, science labs, and sick bay.

* Choosing hallway design, square, or angled; similar to class design with different color options

*Shuttlebays, someone else touched on this in the forum before, similar options with respect to class design

* Selection of station design, and locations on bridge for your officers. You pick where and what they sit or stand in. Color and design options as well.

*Ready rooms, you may see where I am going with this, In the shows we have seen all of these. Choosing of these and the furniture in them is a must!

*Choosing of what kind of warp core. Say I want to use an Intrepid engineering room, with a defiant warp core. And ability to choose what type of table your engineering room has.