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09-18-2010, 11:12 PM
I totally agree with the OP. I just did that mission, and failed due to a misclick . Yes, I read the clues, it was an outright misclick due to a finger cramp.

Start the entire mission over? I don't care if it's not a huge deal to zone out and come back and do it again, Ill Advised is exactly the right word.

I know Cryptic doesn't have a lot of experience writing missions since they have the engine randomize it for them usually, but here's a clue: don't do that.

I seriously just reconsidered my subscription for a few minutes. I'm not going to quit, or course, but I was pretty ticked off. Making us start over like that is unwarranted and unnecessarily punitive. When a quest leaves the player with the impression 'that was bull....t and I don't really even feel like playing the game anymore tonight' there might be a problem with the mission.

What's next? you make a wrong choice and your doorbell rings and some hired thug smahes you in the teeth with a bat?

I was really impressed with Cold Call, now this one has me considering not doing these anymore.