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09-18-2010, 11:23 PM
Oh the Weiner on a stick one was so stupid.

Yes, as a starship captain, I will indeed fly across space that until recently took one ship more that 7 years to get back from, to bring you a hot dog on a stick.

What a genious idea for a mission, especially a 'diplomacy' mission. I didn't realize 'diplomacy' meant bringing snack food to a low ranking starfleet member with a jonesing for meat byproducts. I thought diplomacy was the art of saying 'nice doggy' till you could grab a large rock.

I wanted to say I hope the dev team meets and discusses these missions before they get ok'd, but let me rephrase it to , I really hope they don't because that means some group ok'd this stupidity. and say 'please start having a team discuss the missions you actually write.'

here's a list of things to start with:

1. Start over from beginning on fail: Bad. Go back to torturing small animals and pulling wings off insects please.

2. Fetch missions: Are stupid enough without involving cutesy 'I want a hot dog' foolishness.

3. It's a little weird that the written diplomacy missions only have one right answer, considering what diplomacy actually is.