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09-19-2010, 06:45 AM
I actually thought the shooting of bar patrons was hilarious, though given Federation ideals and Prime Directive and all, it was totally a bad call. Can't this game have the guns use a STUN setting once in a while? Still, in context, especially considering the rather violent nature of my prime character, I found it hilarious.

The hotdog on a stick I had no problem doing because it was easy free money and skillpoints and dilpo XP. But I recognized the stupidity in the fact that he asked for only ONE... considering it's just ONE friggin stick I'm travelling for, why not have me bring a buttload of them? A few crates? Why not bring him something tangible as well? Put a few credits on the Dabo table? Accost a Runabout for his use? Punch an old rival in the head? ANYTHING?

That was spectacularly annoying when I only bought one Jumja stick, and put it in my inventory, forgetting that it was serving as a tribble brothel, and got a tribble for my troubles (OH NOESZ~!), so I had to GO BACK and get THREE of them, and put them on my person.

He only took one. Boy was I offended, in the Muslim style of offense; I offer you stuff and you only take a little?

Going back to the topic at hand, the poster before me has a point regarding the diplomacy. Diplomacy is NOT one answer solutions for everything. That is mathematics. Diplomacy is not as simple as mathematics. Considering the Breen are enslaving a species and attacking us and seeking to destroy an entire species, I don't think I should quake and bow down before a prisoner just to get him to tell me how to remove an implant. There should be other ways to appeal to them.

Some of the dialogue options as well I felt would have served very well in accomodating without resorting to sycophancy, but they automatically lead to failure.

I'm not an overly violent person; I'm not the sort who would call the Breen murderers and mock them for getting caught and look to beat them up to get information. But I'm not likely to resort to the Johnathan Archer method of diplomacy---getting my own dumb ass kicked and humiliated in the interrogation procedure.