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I know I can't win this one so this is my rant.

Fluidic and Borg Tribbles should not be available in the C-Store. Unlike the "exclusive" items that we purchase with the game. (That I also think should not be available in the C-Store but that another issue.) These items we actually had to earn. We had to play on Tribble Test Weekend a three day event. This makes us special and gives others a reason to do Tribble Test Weekend. When other players see them they are wow by them.

I also play on Tribble when an issue in game comes up that is important to me like the PvP queue or Data Samples bugs. I know that when we finely see the crafting or ground combat updates I will be there.

Now if all we need to do is wait a couple of months to buy them what's the point of Tribble Test Weekend. Less players will show up to Tribble Test Weekend.