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09-20-2010, 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by White Knight
We had to play on Tribble Test Weekend a three day event. This makes us special and gives others a reason to do Tribble Test Weekend.
Had to play? I never felt forced to do it. Heck I didn't bother with the Fluidic one mainly because I had other more important things to do. And now I can buy it... Who lost here?
And not really special... As in some some cases(if not the majority of people that played on Tribble during the event) people were just idling in SB1 picking their nose or whatever to "earn" it. And the reason would be stress testing. Get a lil incentive to test the game.

Originally Posted by White Knight
Now if all we need to do is wait a couple of months to buy them what's the point of Tribble Test Weekend.
That you get a chance to them for free? *shrug* You get them earlier?