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Originally Posted by Mekasheeba View Post
Saucer Seperation is like a massive escape pod, in reality it shouldn't be going into combat with you because it has all non-essential crew and civilians. The drvie section is like a war room where the captain goes to when they know they probably wont be coming back.

(in the show) Say you're being overwhelmed by an enemy, You separate the saucer section from the drive to buy yourself sometime while the crew escapes.

The crew gets reduced to 100 because of this and I imagine it stays like that because all the crew in the saucer section have to go back to their stations

As to the weapons question: it's probably a limitation in tech to seperate weapon slots.

I hope that makes sense
The saucer did go into combat ONCE in TNG. In "Best of Both Worlds Pt2" it shot anti-matter bursts at the Borg cube as a distraction. I wish the saucer in-game could do that. (Essentially drawing fire away from you.)