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# 1 Formed Alliances !!!
09-20-2010, 08:16 AM
Greetings fellows of this community

A few days I came up with an crazy idea, not sure if this have been talked about before, but I did see this as a rather intresting point.

What about formed alliances.
Let me explain.

When you see the series, TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager it is possible to form alliances.
Example in DS9 they formed an alliance with the Romulans to defeat the Dominion and later the Federation and Dominion signed a peace treaty.

My idea was
I want to be able to play side by side with klingons, coming races as romulans, and perhaps even invite klingon players or romulan players to a fleet.

So how would the alliance take place?
Perhaps you a specific rank/level, you are able to start an alliance quest chain/episode chain to merge example klingons together with federation or even romulans with klingons.
Or perhaps a romulan player needs to start a chain episode to convert to a specific race.

Let me know what you think, this might sounds crazy, but I wouldn't mind to see some Klingons and Romulans in my fleet one day.

Best Regards