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09-20-2010, 08:32 AM
Interesting and certainly possible.
We know there were examples of Klingons who cooperated with the Romulans even after their alliance was dissolved so there would be precedence for that.
I can also imagine some Klingons who are so dissatisfied by the fact the the current Chancellor, who has ties to the house of Duras, that was the prime example of Klingo-Romulan cooperation, seeks to attack the Romulans rather than ally with them that they would defect to the Romulans.
We know their technology is at least partially compatible, probably because of the technological exchange in the 23rd century so it would nt be such a logistical problem to keep their ships in shape.
So a Klingon who defects could get to choose to keep his KDF ship of switch into a Romulan design.