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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Tribble Breeding for the Impatient... Please correct me where I am mistaken.

Looking through the various sources, it seems to me that the goal of breeding is to produce a (Tuf), which in turn can be bred up to either a (Mat) or a (Ric). These two are the basis for any of the rarer (non-unique) breeds, yes? (And, incidentally, what you apparently need in order to breed up a Cryo-Tribble using Snow Tubers.)

It also seems to me that a sub-goal is to use the cheapest, most available food possible. I want to buy it or replicate it, not wait for a food item drop.

To get a (Mat), I see the following logical progression (leaving out the lowest tier of tribbles):
Species: Sus/Vit [Heal] -> Tuf [Heal] -> Hen [+Regen] -> Dea [+Regen] -> Mat [+Dmg/+Regen]
Food: (Ferengi Snail Steak) -> (Chateau Picard) -> (Chateau Picard) -> (Saurian Brandy)
To get a (Ric), it looks like this is a logical progression:
Species: Sus/Vit [Heal] -> Tuf [Heal] -> Nix [+Resist] -> Stc [+Resist] -> Ric [+Dmg/+Resist]
Food: (Ferengi Snail Steak) -> (Slug-O-Cola) -> (Vulcan Spice Tea) -> ((Klingon Gladst))
The drawback here is that Gladst is not listed as a vended food item, so I'm forced to wait for a drop or get it on the Exchange if I can.

Does this seem reasonable?
As it turns out, some of these food items are not readily available from most stores, Ferengi Snail Steak in particular. I was able to purchase Chateau Picard, Saurian Brandy, Vulcan Spice Tea, and Slug-O-Cola but not from the replicator (Don't recall where, exactly). Ferengi Snail Steak I got from the Exchange, at a premium cost. Not sure where else to buy it from.

Any suggestions for substitutions? I would prefer anything we can get from the replicator over any other choices. (Remember, this is tribble breeding for the impatient...)