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09-20-2010, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by MikeWard1701 View Post
It's disappointing to see the Tribbles I earned for testing going up for sale for whatever arbitrary number cryptic dreams up. It also makes me wonder if any reward is safe from the C Store.
thats exactly why i said throw it in the c-store.

the point is paying a price to get them.either with your time or your money!

thats why (that goes to anazonda) i ask for them to be in the that you wont feel bad about it cause others will have to pay for know pay the price?

anyway i got over this on a previous chill out.

ad for the whole unfair c-stores prices ... go start a new thread about it and see where it goes.personaly i cant dissagree with most of your points but on the other hand it doesnt bother me that much...