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09-20-2010, 09:53 AM
I thought that the point of the Tribble test server is to...oh, I don't know...TEST UPCOMING CONTENT! The fact that they give us a bonus free for testing the big stuff is cool, but not required (any chance of getting the Crash Test Tribble title in the future, btw?). They could have given us bupkiss. While I think that the C-Store is not the place for them, there should be other ways to earn the tribbles. Like others above have pointed out, some people just can't do it, especially during the big test weekends. I missed out on the Borg Tribble, I want it, but I won't be buying it on the C-Store (for reasons other than me thinking it should remain exclusive, but that's another topic in and of itself). Now, if they offer it as part of another test weekend, I'll be there.

Oh, and some of us actually DID test...but there are lazy bums out there that I am sure just sat there idle for an hour and did nothing just to get the new shiny. THOSE are the people who should not get anything.