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09-20-2010, 11:10 AM
Thank you for all the support guys. It means a lot.

I'm always keeping an eye on the patch notes and patching up to check new content, maybe Tribbling a little when I'm not playing CO or other games, but until this is ingame I really can't play because I can't make the character look I want. I could play my Science JTrill character but I've always wanted a Caitian/Human main and until that happens I'm not really having fun. That and I'm alone in STO except my BOs (None of my RL friends or longstanding online friends play this or want to play this, unfortunately), so I'm still holding off on playing. The game is shaping up nicely but soloing bores me quickly. I'm a team player. As long as I can chat to friends who play the same thing or SG/Fleet, I don't really count it as soloing. Sure I could join a Fleet in STO but there's still the lack of hybridization as the deterrent.

But yea, Naevius you're missing the point a bit here. Playing an Alien that is a "remake" of any other race is just cosmetic. Alien characters do not get access to any of the race-exclusive Traits (Ex: Leadership) or race-specific Traits (Ex: Accurate or whatever trait gives more space accuracy) which makes Aliens having access to all costume options on an account purely for looks.

Yes Quetzaal I am puzzled by this. If we get the race we should be allowed to use however we want, right, or a portion of the purchase is wasted. Honestly, I personally wouldn't mind if if they limited the "full" Alien Creator to player characters only and BO Aliens would be limited, but the same as what makes my character concept impossible, what about people who want a full crew of their hybridized race look? It's very puzzling why Cryptic doesn't want Alien BOs to look like unlocked CStore races we have rightful access to, but I'm willing to settle for the compromise to at least allow it for player characters.

Time to do some grammar touchups on the first post. Also I added this to the link in my sig, maybe to raise awareness.