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09-20-2010, 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by Rhodes85 View Post
That about sums it up. Either Cryptic doesn't know or doesn't care what kind of very obvious message this drop in price is sending. Successful online games don't go from $50+ to $10 in 7 months. This pretty much shows what direction they're expecting the game to go.
Ridiculous. Games most certainly do drop in price that fast, especially MMOs where the sale of the retail copy isn't much of a money-maker post-launch. As for what it says about the game? It says "hey, we're running a promotion, grab the game with 30 days of play time for less than the cost of a single month". Most will see that and say "hmmm, that's a good deal, maybe I'll give it a try". You glass-half-empty types that are constantly ranting DOOOOOMMM will obviously see this as foreshadowing that the game is ready to go belly up any day now. Which it's not. But why believe anything you're told, it's so much more productive to jump to irrational conclusions.

So if Cryptic doesn't do things to lure in new subs then people complain they aren't trying hard enough, and when they do you complain about how it's going to look and proclaim DOOOOOOMMM.

Seriously, there's absolutely no pleasing any of you. These never ending posts of incessant whining are so damned retarded. If you're so unhappy with the game, leave already and give the rest of us some peace and quiet.