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09-21-2010, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by Wordun
..And real thorn is the fact that for this "sale" the top 3 Customer Reviews basically say "game at own risk". With a dirt low price point and customers crying "this is crap!", thier wonderful "news" about selling the game for less then the cost of a month's subscription only tends to help direct potential customers toward a place they can find tons of reasons *not* to buy it.

Other folks may see the "truth" of this "sale" and say "its normal". But I just hope the thousands who see "bargin bin" prices topped off with horrible customer reviews will still be willing to spend time and any money on trying out STO. No in the mind of the average consumer this just looks like a downward trend, and not a good promotion at all. Once more marketing does more harm then good.
The "truth" of this "sale" is that Amazon wants to sell it "cheap". Is that enough "quotes" for ya? I don't know about you, but I don't go by reviews...professional or customer. Even magazine reviews can tend to be on the biased side at times. If it is a game that piques my interest then I'll buy it...I'll probably wait until it goes on sale, too (unless it's a game that I really was looking forward to and am willing and able to shell out full price for). Let me use Steam as an example. Some games that I wouldn't buy at full price but am interested in trying out go on sale for like 25-75% off...I'll buy them then because the price seems right to me.

TLDR: The price drop does not signify doom. Some people might be more interested in playing if it's cheaper.