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09-21-2010, 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by Kingdox View Post
It looks like the collectors edition is down to 10 bucks. Not bad considering the items in it cost more then that in the C-store.
/sarcasm on
OH NOES!!! Not the collector's edition!!! You know what this means, right? THE GAME IS DOOOOOMMMMMEEEEDDDDD!!! Why else would they put the COLLECTOR'S EDITION on sale for soooo little??? They must know something we don't!!! The game is going under!!! This is the worst possible thing marketing could have done!!! Even they don't have faith in the game!!! It's gonna tell the whole world the game is shutting down, and now no one will want to play!!! Do they have any idea the horrible message this sends out??? What a world... What a world...
/sarcasm off

Figured I'd get all that out of the way for you guys in advance. Carry on.