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09-21-2010, 08:36 PM
I hope this isn't against tos, but I'm posting a shameless plug for refer-a-friend invites.

PM me if you're interested in this game - i have a few trial keys for serious individuals, (and I'm trying to get the remaining accounts i need for a refer a friend bonus).

if you'd like to try the game, and are willing to buy the game if you like it, let me know - I'm willing to play alongside you to give you the following in-game bonuses:

# A 5% Captain and Officer skill point bonus when you’re teamed up (first 15 days).
# A 5% damage bonus when you’re teamed up (first 15 days).

I'm available on Sunday, Monday and Thursday - and will spend several hours at a time if necessary (vent chat possible).

if you're interested, please pm me!