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09-22-2010, 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by BBzMadDog View Post
lol its not because you were not good enough or anything like that .
im a not very good at pvp they aint kicked me . I think what it was
is that you come on team speak & do not talk
I run my own ts for some friends & i know no one likes some one who comes on
& does not speak.
Well.. I spoke with Tide, and his explanation were that I played too much on my Fed toon (Lousisya) which is cool.. Was just surprised since I actually were on Meline, in a PvP match against TSI at the time of the kick, and that it had been like a couple of weeks since I played Fed PvP..

Had some nice games tonite flying with some of the TSI guys, so atleast theres one group thats willing to team up with me, even though I dont have a mike yet