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09-22-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by White Knight
I know I can't win this one so this is my rant.

Fluidic and Borg Tribbles should not be available in the C-Store. Unlike the "exclusive" items that we purchase with the game. (That I also think should not be available in the C-Store but that another issue.) These items we actually had to earn. We had to play on Tribble Test Weekend a three day event. This makes us special and gives others a reason to do Tribble Test Weekend. When other players see them they are wow by them.

I also play on Tribble when an issue in game comes up that is important to me like the PvP queue or Data Samples bugs. I know that when we finely see the crafting or ground combat updates I will be there.

Now if all we need to do is wait a couple of months to buy them what's the point of Tribble Test Weekend. Less players will show up to Tribble Test Weekend.
or it could get one better, yes have both tribbles in the C-Store but make it another point to...
1. pay 120-150 cryptic points
2. must have played test server for 2 hours (or something like that)

then even more of the player base will come over to the tribble server to help, and it will leave players with the feeling that they earned it.

Tribble test weekends should stay yes but for people who attend they should get the tribbles (or other cool bonuses) a few months early and for no C-store cost??

just passing ideas