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09-22-2010, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
So, I'm very happy it's for offer in the C-Store.
Wouldn't you be happier if they just offered it again for free for testing?

And this is one of those things that smacks of "Elitism" to me.
Somebody wants to say "I'm so cool, I have a Borg Tribble and you don't".
I don't think it's elitism from most of the folks who are against the idea. A lot of folks just want them to keep offering and re-offering these items for testing on Tribble.

I have both. Don't need either. But would much rather see them re-offer them on Tribble for free. They work. They get people to get onto test. By putting them on the C-Store, it gives people less incentive to help test things.

It's frustrating. It hampers testing. I'd much rather they re-entice you to test again to get that tribble. And see you get it for free. I want you and everyone else interested in these items to get them. For free. For helping to test. I don't want to keep them exclusive. I just want more people to test.

The C-Store seems like the wrong way to go about that.