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09-23-2010, 03:41 AM
Ok this is to clear out all misunderstanding.

Its not an easy or fun job to kick someone from you fleet.. QEW has been changing to become a serious pvp fleet. We are at moment cleaning out the roster for ex. inactive players.

In Meline case was it that she/he was more associated with his/he fed fleet, hence the forum posts. And as that fleet (La Familia) is kinda our rivals as a fed pvp fleet. We could not talk tactics when meline was on. We may be wrong about it, but it was how the top officers felt.

The mike issuu is very secondary and will not have matter much other wise.

I have given Meline an apology for not explaining this sooner

We could also have given an ultimatum for a choise, dont now what is the right way to go. but I promise that the next time we have a similar situation it will be delt with differently, and more diplomatic.