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09-23-2010, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by Tom_Quantum
Spamming someone with abilities to the extent that their framerate bottoms out and the game crashes for them is griefing.

The Breen ice skill thing creates the same framerate **** effect that some of the ice powers in Champions Online causes.

I'm sad that they decided to import that nonsense into STO.

As I said, my computer has no problems with the graphics effects in this game otherwise, but the ice block just kills my framerate.
i can understand your point, my frames drop to you know but still i don't call that griefing, its a pain in the butt for sure but calling it griefing ...
and yeah like i said the powers of any type of skill, just disable them wen players are on starbases or on nutral ground.! problem solved, you don't need em anyways cus you can't fight there anyhow.

this game is for high end computers no what others say, if you don't have a high end computer you gona get stuck somewhere in this game, wait till the critters are in game i bet a frame drop will be on the planets side missions aswell critters = poligons so more power will be needed again.
then again this game is so badly written (code wise) that even if you have a high end computer you still might be in trouble sometimes. i have a 1GB Vid card, Quad CPU 2.8Ghz, 8GB system ram, 10k rpm HDs and i still can't run this game at the max settings no matters what i try it just won't work on max settings.