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09-23-2010, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
As I wrote in my post, Ive not played with the LF guys in like 3-4 weeks (Godfather seems to play his KDF toon for the moment).. When Ive been on my primary Fed toon (Lousisya) Ive either been doing Deferi dailies or 3 PvP dailies in PUGs.

As I wrote, I was *on* my QEW toon in a fight against a 3man TSI group when the kick happened.

The mike issue *was* a problem, as I was asked to leave a QEW premade group, because of not having it.. Thus, I didnt do much PvP (not fun to do when your fleet dont want to play with you, which is why I speculated I wasnt "good enough"), and what PvP I *did* do was spread across all my 5 toons, on both factions.

Anyways.. Until I get a serious fleet again on the KDF side, I can get my premade kick with the TSI guys (since LF doesnt play at the moment afaik).. I played some 10+ games with them yesterday, and I didnt do too badly (hard doing bad when they keep me near immortal for entire matches ;D).. Theyre nice guys, and Im sure I can have a spot when theyre one short.. Just too bad I need to fly Fed to get a premade team :S
You where only asked to leave so we could pratice the A-team... you skill have nothing to do with it, we where unsure of you allegiance, as I said we should have confronted you ealier..

Being a kling pvp fleet is hard with the imbalance of the game.

And Btw was is it with my post every time I said something TSI is mentions LOL