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09-23-2010, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Saii View Post
Agreed, yet I feel that software developers will have the ability (if they are any good) to come up with something refreshing and new, even if it is something the majority of the mmo-flock is not familiar with or even happy with. It just takes some guts and imagination. Sure, kids will shout like cry babies that they want more action, but the more adult crowd (who have the money to pay for the game) will prefer a mental challenge over mindless action, or I do assume so. Correct me if i'm wrong.

I am no moral knight, but to see people type: "I want to kill stuff"... I just shake my head to that.

I am for one very tired of all the violence, which is like a disease spreading not only in games, but television as well. Even the cartoons for kids nowadays are filled with violence. And yes, I am very aware this is probably not a discussion that belongs here, but it's still something to stop and think about.

Sex or nudity however, specially in the USA, is still taboo. In contrast to evenings filled with adultery, murders, blood and violence on television is too silly for words.

To stay on topic about MMO's, I think someone has to set an example of how compassion, intelligence, imagination and in general morality can prevail on mindless violence and hatred.
With it's history, there is no better choice to apply the above than Star Trek.

Though, then money comes around the corner and every good intention is dropped, even own fundamental rules are dropped or changed because of money.

I just hope someone has the guts to make a change someday to turn the tide, even on a seemingly small influential base like a mmo, it does have a psychological impact on the people that play it.
I would argue that violence is not the cause but the symptom. My analogy is that violent games/television/books no more cause violence as bleeding causes cuts. The violence that happens is because the society at large does not handle or know how to handle the violence inherent in all humans. We are what I call a "fast food society" in that we want it hot, fresh, and whenever we want it. That applies to cures and fixes. We don't want to spend more time on any one problem as we want to spend in the drive through lane at a fast food restaurant. So we slap a bandage on it and call it a day and bury it away until the next time it erupts. Look at Japanese television. SO much more violent than that of the U.S. or Europe and they have a much lower incidence of violence. It is how the society handles things. In the U.S., thanks to the "Boomers", we have a society that abhors responsibility and self reliance. It's always a disease, or someone or something else that is the cause of my problems. As long as we can pass the buck onto something inanimate or so large as to not have a single voice to defend itself, we are happy. It's human nature to be violent, each to varying degrees, but I bet I could get Ghandi to punch me given sufficient time and latitude. So as long as we deny our nature and blame others for our faults, we will not address the issue. I have to admit you have a problem before I can fix it. And it's MY problem, it wasn't caused by society, my Mother, my upbringing, my teachers, my whatever. There are no band-aid solutions, no quick fixes that our society so craves.
So that's my non-MMO related rant for the day. Back to more relative news. We might be winning that war. All Points Bulletin (APB), another PvP centric MMO with little or no storyline to speak of, just went belly up on the 16th, making it the new number one fastest failing MMO to date. A whopping 79 days of mayhem. So story might be what will bring people back for more. Maybe the split is looking a little more like 33% story and 67% action. It's heading in the right direction though.
Also with the bi-weekly storylines that are promised they may have a few morality plays within them. Since the missions will always be available, the ambitious schedule would almost have to yield some missions that are more inline with Gene's view than the more popular current one.
And as for the "I wanna kill stuff" people, you have to remember, that adults with money that love this genre are far fewer than kids with parents with money (who just want the little rug rats out of their hair). So you have to expect the immaturity and childish behavior. Fortunately they are easily bored and will move on to another game soon enough. The problem is that there is another one waiting to replace the one leaving, so they will always be there to annoy us. Thank goodness for the ignore button.
I for one have a wait and see attitude, as long as they really don't do something I really find dumb, I'll stick around. I know ultimately I can have a vote in my monthly subscription. If they consistently show progress, I will show my appreciation with a lifetime membership. But as I see it they have one year to impress or cheese me off.