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09-23-2010, 01:21 PM
Slipstream Drive (at max level) is a nice feature indeed. It gets you to your destination -slightly- faster. But it's just a bandaid fix, and not a "total revamp" which my suggestion involves. Besides which, the slipstream drive is limited to a VERY SHORT duration relative to the amount of TOTAL time involved in crossing an entire sector currently.

Basically, I want travel between sectors to be a bit faster (maximum warp idea), with possibility of drawbacks by flying at full speeds (warp drive failure due to excessive use).

Sector space was originally designed to be "warp space"; Here's what it looks like, While your at warp. The result however, is that it pretty much feels like "System space", but without the ability to go at "Maximum warp".

In short:

- Reduce "high impulse" in sector space to be slower than current
- Add "warp" button in sector space which sets ship to "cruise velocity" (no penalties for long duration flight)
- Allow player to set the speed throttle to maximum (warp), allowing you to go faster but possible risk of flight failure (warpdrive shutdown)

Warp speeds should FEEL faster than current, and LOOK like your actually moving at warp speeds. Thus the idea of the "warp" button, causing the aforementioned effect of stretching your ship and ending in the well-known "warp flash" effect.