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09-23-2010, 01:46 PM
short term

1. i want to enjoy my ships cabins exploring my entire ship and using all kinds of thing like holodeck allows me to watch saved video files from my hard drive on screen in there

2. i want to feel like im really exploring bodly finding new and strange random stuff like im the first to find this species,mineral,plant,energy source idk im not getting paid for creativity

3.dont forget to make the on screen on bridge to be real time i can see other players that are actually going by my ship on screen of bridge

mid term

1. you can choose basic emotes inside the holodeck like maybe a strobe disco ball and choose random scenes like a party scene of people dancing and having fun or a beach scene whiles you walk on the sand.

2. make my crew better by finding there home planets and doing things for them or there peoples for morality points which can be used to go to there home worlds and purchase things they would like for there cabin quarters

3. random people walking about my ship as ensigns with emotes like i hope cook makes a certain meal or wonder if captain will give me time off to go to a planet for there own work or pleasures maybe needing rescue

long term

1. Lots of random hidden stuff to find that no one else has or maybe showing im the first or 2nd to this deposit and its being ran by another player as a mining location. Of all the random generated names why not random named new resources, items , minerals, and people to find

2. maybe find a baby right before it dies as the last of a species and raising it on my ship training or sending it to the academy to return after so long grown and changed btw where are animals what if i wanted to see what a whale would do on a certain planet in its oceans if the tri-corder says it could survive repopulating a planet

3. actually stating a location of a planet i nurtured raised as my own even populated it with my own species of peoples and creatures with trial and error they live peacefully together and its on the map for others to visit or help my planet with resources it may need as i am busy in another quadrant . thank you