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Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
I'm putting together a list of things that we would like to see in game for the Klingons, while I will list things like content, crafting and the like, most of those things should be discussed in greater depth in threads dedicated to them, I will link to those discussions. What I'd like to have is place for the Devs to go and see what we would like to have added to our faction, be it content, uniforms, ships, etc... If you have suggestions please try to provide links to relevant information.

House system (relevant links: House System Idea and Warfront Endgame Proposal)

Crafting system (relevant links: Klingon Alternatives to Crafting)

Tricorders of our own (option 1, option 2)

Ability to make TOS Klingons without having to make them "unknown aliens"

More Females for the different species (Nausicaan, Gorn, Lethian)

Some form of Tribble bonuses relating to Targs.

Ships: (see also this thread Wishlist Thread: Ships Edition)
D5 Class
D7 Class
22nd Century BoP
K'Vort Class
Laneth's Starship
Toron-class Shuttlepod
Possible Negh'Var refits Variations, voDIeH and Endgame.
Nausicaan Raider
Orion Interceptor
Possible Vor'Cha refit/variation: Qang Class
Harrad-Sar's Barge

NPC Ships as player ships:
Gorn Draguas Cruiser (pic 2)
Gorn Vishop Frigate (pic 2)
Gorn Zilant Battleship (pic 2)
Orion Corvette
Orion Brigand Cruiser
Orion Marauder (pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4)
Syphon Frigate
Nausicaan Destroyer Escort (pic 2)
Talon Battleship (pic 2, pic 3)

Costume pieces seen on NPC's:
Casual Klingon costume
Klingon long coat (with color options)
Klingon Swordmaster Vest
Mak'bara outfit
Gorn tunicless option
Gorn Leather armor option
Nausicaan leg armor

Melee weapons:
D'k tahg
Knife Kirom
Nausicaan Sword
Gin'tak Spear

Non-NPC costume options:
Klingon Tunicless vest (pic 2)
Klingon Female long skirt and Cleavage tunic
Klingon Female cleavage option 2
B'Elanna outfit
Worf and Dax Wedding attire
Worf Insurrection outfit
Kor, Koloth and Kang outfits from DS9
Kahless outfits (option 2)
Female offduty
Holster (possible sash or belt option)

Michael Dorn Voice overs
Melee weapons visible not like they are now

Personal request - Canoids = Children of San-Tarah

Yes yes and hell yes