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09-23-2010, 04:41 PM
I'm glad to see these on the C-store as usuable by Klingons (canon-wh***s can close their eyes very tightly and believe that the alien/cybernetic nature of the tribbles means they don't hate anyone now). I agree that the Cryo Tribble (and any future "enemy-specific" tribbles) should be usuable by KDF (but keep the regular tribbles non-KDF (the shocked emote the Klingon does when the tribble screeches is too darn funny!)).

I am amazed there are still whiners staring teary-eyed at their computer screens mumbling, "b-b-but...exclusive...". Once the costume sets (one of which you once had to buy a pre-launch Lifetime Membership to a whole other game to get!!!), ended up there, they should realize "exclusive" just means you get it a little bit before evberyone else has a shot (and usually as a bonus or free).

As long as there are ways to get the game-affecting C-Store items in-game, I'm fine with it (so the only item really bugging me is the T5 Excelsior refit (which is I believe only available from the C-Store), even if it is not game-breaking).